#55 How chicks will do you dirty and not even know it. She gave him the knife..

Time will tell. Because what come’s around goes around.

Ladies. Let’s have a real conversation about how you engage men in your circle. Men you have had relations with. Or better yet, men you respect. The word respect is very key here and let’s just talk about that for a second. You may not always agree with the decisions this man in your life has made. You may not like his new girlfriend, you may not like the woman he laid down with to have children by. But if you have any reason for why you should respect that man, let’s keep it 1000… There are certain things you better not do unless you’re prepared to send him walking. Not only walking but walking with his chin up and prepared to never ever EVER,,, look back at you AGAIN.. To see you in the street and not so much as spit on your burning ass.
Ladies, the world has gotten to be a lot smaller. And contrary to popular belief, a lot smarter. If you have ever in your life had a long-standing relationship of anything past just fucking (and if you’ve been doing strictly that for 8-10 plus years that counts too) a relationship where you feel like you can count on him for things that yo would call a friend for. (I.e) “_______ can you help me? My tire’s flat.. Can you help me?” “_______ where are you I hear noises by the door. Can you come over?” “_________ I’m stuck and my kids need to be picked up from school and taken to my mother’s house until I can get there. Can you pick them up?” “________ for my birthday, can you please please please get me these shoes, bag etc?” If you have a man in your life that falls into any one of these categories or subcategories then what you have is someone who clearly is a person that you have deemed is “not” your average man in your life. He’s someone you trust to do the right thing. He’s someone you can allow to speak for you when you can’t. He’s someone you look to when you can’t execute on your own. He’s if nothing else, a true “friend WITH or WITHOUT” benefits no matter what the stage of relationship you two are in.

“Let’s get this money son!”
“Not before you get this knife muthafucka.. Take that! Take that”

Ladies we know it’s a brave new world out here and there are men out here that you may wanna date. An d as a separate and away issue, that just #ISwhaitIS . But at the point at which you have now met and are engaging pillow talk with someone who you discover knows or has dealings with or is at present in communication WITH,,,, your true friend or confidant or “on again off again” honey/boo boo/papa “when he wanna act right” dude let me tell you something.. The worst place you want to find yourself is in between two men where one can be made to feel “played” That’s number one. Secondly yet equally as important, Babygirl, homegirl, Ole girl shorty rock, sugamama, sweetpea, honey, baby. Do us one favor. Take 5 seconds and ask yourself, “Do I care about how he’s gonna feel? Do I care about how this may make him look to his peers, in the street or at work?” Now here’s some insight for the fast mouth chick who wants to scream “YOLO! looking like a wack hoe in a Yugo”.. The decisions you make today may alter your options in the future. A man can respect your honesty even if it hurts. A REAL man anyway.. He may not like it, but he can respect it. Homegirl just like you picked up the phone to ask us for some fuckin boots! or some fuckin shoes! or some stupid ass overpriced handbag! or to pick up your kids! or to give you some gas money or to pay your fuckin sprint bill (so you can “keke in the suite” with some next muthafucka evidently) you pick up that phone and you sit him down.. YOU tell him what you have going on before the next man tell’s him. Or uses that to hold over the next man’s head. This single request can whether you believe it or not even save lives. Yes! You don’t know the extent of jealousy and envy will do in the hearts of men.. Some men will use that as artillery in an otherwise even exchange of good and services, or undermine the next man or plot on what he feels is a weakness. Homegirl THAT is not your decision to make for any man. Case and point, not only is it the right thing s to do, but it’s an obligation you have as woman who now find’s herself between two men to get out of there. It’s no place for you. And the situation can get ugly. You would best served to keep your face card in tact by removing yourself AND the man you consider to be “someone you can call a friend” from being in such a vulnerable spot. Because if you don’t.. Ladies if you don’t, he is going to turn on you.. He is going to without so much as a care in this world do something equally as hurtful. And if you’re lucky he’ll just walk away. But a man’s pride is something you DO not play with. Especially if you ever thought highly or have reason to do things differently. Do the right thing and call him like you were those other things you needed from him and be VERY transparent as to your proximity to friends of “your” friend where the DICK is involved. Men do not take lightly to tapping dicks with enemies or common foes. The word “foe” is an old one and it means for lack of a better term “people I don’t have no business tapping dicks with” So don’t put him in a trick bag with foes. Don’t play with his intelligence. And above all, YOU be his friend and confidant and speak on it. He’ll respect you more. We’ll deal with you and that later.. But first, take him out of the trick bag. Do not allow the bond that you have formed to be broken in this way.. Not only does it show a fundamental lack of respect you have for him? It shows how little you know about your actions and how the affect other people. A woman must always protect herself from such situations and maintain a good face card where ever possible and most certainly with the people you call on when you need a man you can count on.

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#55 Did she really just say that?! aka #MOONWALKonthatBITCH

Here’s the deal. You’ve just met a chick not too long ago. If you’re in a place like ATL this scenario can happen anywhere. SO let’s just fast-forward to the part where you two are just starting to feel each other out. It’s really easy to move conversation with women you just met. It’s to take whatever she says to you and ask her the same thing but add this to it, “Oh yeah? Tell me about that.” or “Oh yeah? What’s that like?” The key is to keep them talking about them so you can quickly get to the nuts & bolts of said chick.

What do you mean we’re not in a recession?! RED BOTTOMS aint nothing but 2 car notes..?! But this is coming from the chick who actually needs a new car… OK…

Now let’s talk about where keeping in real has gone wrong and what once was a potentially good catch for honest interaction has now revealed itself to be a sophisticated hoodbooger exercise. And before I go full steam into this, just know that women have their own set of criteria as to how they’ll proceed with you, the man, as well but here’s the 2012/2013 set of criteria. Just some really quick things to get in order before you make any bold moves. Things you get done in the first few convos.
1. How many kids?/How many baby daddy’s REASON: if you’ve got three kids with three baby daddy’s, not for nothing but he’d do better casting the bait back out and trying again. Because that’s the tip of the fuckin iceberg with shorty. More bullshit awaits. Consider steppin off. #MOONWALKonthatbitch!
2. Any education? Any Job? REASON: Let her be the one to tell YOU that she’s X amount of months into her certifications. X amount of years/Months/Days out of school for whatever it is. Let her tell you with a certain level of authority that she’s been making it happen for years now. Let her TELL YOU, that she’s perfectly able to sustain her situation and doing pretty good at her job. Let HER tell YOOUUUU… That she’s considering getting another additional piece of education somewhere or something. At this point she’s TELLING you, that she know’s it’s a cold world and that she’s doing her part. That’s respectable. But it’s that other chick you need to be worried about.. The one that get’s defensive when you’re having this conversation and she hits you with some shit that sound’s like, “Why you asking?! You must plan on paying for it..!” Or “Why you all in my business?!” If a chick can’t respect that the man is asking these questions of a woman it’s noted that there’s a good chance that you’re not at all used to someone really giving a fuck about you girl.. Very early on, these are reasons to downgrade her, ASAP ROCKY STYLE… Now fellas if you’re in your 20’s feel free to engage this female and see what kind of building you can do. Fellas 30 and over, Get the fuck outta there. There’s not time for this at this late date. #MOONWALKonthatbitch!
3. How does she feel about you? REASON: If she’s talking to you about needing money for basic things like, “Baby can you please give me some money for some basics? Like Food, Rent, car note?” Those things are important. But a man has to ask himself, what DID she take care of? Well the cell phone got paid cause she’s able to call me with this bullshit. The internet is paid because she’s talking the sob story to you, but she’s on instagram partying up! Talkin about partying or heading out to socialize. That could tell the above average man that she either has it THAT twisted (which is rare). Or she think’s you’re fuckin stupid. That’s more likely the case. Fellas of all ages Moonwalk away from that broad asap because the culprit here is usually the one you wanna fuck real bad and she knows it because she also know’s that she’s bangin. The problem is she think’s you’re stupid. And she think’s you’re the dumb one well then she actually think’s she’s smarter than you. And if that’s true than you two are doomed to a life of fucketry and buffoonatry. That’s the kind of chick that will be sitting in the front of the house in cars with strange niggas for 30mins then come’s inside and tell you to your face, “Oh that’s just my friend..” On the wrong day.. I need to write an article about shit chicks do on THE WRONG DAY”, lololol!! Because on the wrong day, this can get her ass kicked by a dude who just can’t take it anymore, who temporarily wigged out and decided that’s the last time she’s gonna talk to him like he’s a fuckin clown.. SOOOOOO at all times affordable to you, stay AWAY from this chick because she doesn’t respect you or care about you anyway. She’s gonna find a new fool just like she found you. SO #MOONWALKonthatbitch!
4. What is her overall mind state? REASON: If all she’s doing on instagram and twitter, Facebook and all you hear her doing is airing out bitches and posting up booty pics and talking stupid about meaningless dumb shit, that’s a good indication that she’s got little to nothing to add to your well-being because all she seems to give a shit about is MTV Jams and she’s not even a rapper, but guess where she’ll be at when Kanye West come’s to town? FRONT ROW tryinna “bust it open for a real nigga!” or at the after party and you’ll be hearing about that. If you were smart.. #MOONWALKonthatbitch!
5. She’s got on a bunch of costume jewelry, and Steve Madden shoes but it’s Christmas time and she’s asking you for RED BOTTOMS. Like, really??! Red Bottoms? OK.. Now had she said, “I want you to put $1700.00 in an IRA for me to cash next Christmas.” That may change everything. WE might actually have to rethink everything we ever thought about you after that. That would have us feeling like, maybe we’re stupid or something lol! But that never happens so rest easy fellas.

Now.. Most men have an implicit statement built into the last mission should all else fail with a chick. “Preserve the pussy”. Because no one said because she’s a wack bitch you can’t smash?! And while I understand that, the truth is if that was gonna happen you’d have had to been accepting on at least one of the 5 things that are listed above. And because that’s pretty much going to make you a wet noodle, or a trick, I suggest you abandon that thought just this time. Because you’ll be tempted to hit her up on the late night, and because she’s trying you too, you’re finally gonna get bold as just straight up ask for the pussy or some “facetime”, and she’s gonna hit you with a sob story about a bill or about some bullshit that at 2:30AM you’re not gonna wanna hear. OR she’s gonna hit you with the ultimate punk smooth shit: “I do that for just anybody..” And you’ll be looking at the phone praying for a dead spot in cell phone service.

Every time you call me, they’re about to turn some shit off in your crib, and I ask for some head and you trip?! You need to leave a key under the mat. for me damn it.!

Case and point, ladies don’t think smart guys see this stuff for what it is. They think because they’re cute or wanted by a gang of dudes that shit like this doesn’t have any adverse affect. All men think alike. What they choose to do with that info is different. I’m speaking only to the non thirsty, non pitiful, self-respecting, homie on the come up who’s trying to get his team strong after a rough 4 years in a recession. He who’s saying to himself, “I can’t go through another 4 years like that and I DAMN sure wont be supporting no wack broads.” This is for the guy that’s saying to himself, “I don’t need her to take care of me. I’m hoping she can help us take care of WE.. And if she’s not with that and think’s this shit’s about her, I’m gonna #MOONWALKonthatbitch!”

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#56 Men invented the 3 way. Women invented the 4, 5 and 6 way.

Worldstar?? Really ma?!

The male version of man meets woman is a short one. Man see’s, adore, like,s learns to love, laughs respects kick’s it with his girl if he’s dope, like he would his boys. Why? do you ask? How is this the case do you ask? It’s real simple.. It’s so simple that this is where women find themselves in their own way alll the time.

When a man is diggin you, from the door, from the word GO!” it was always about “You”.. What “YOU” look like.. What “YOUR” hair flowed in the wind like. What “YOUR lips and YOUR eyes spoke to him like.. What’s YOU sounded like when “YOU” spoke for the first time. How “YOU” responded to his approach. These are the traits that always move the needle on to things more complex like “She” might be the one. I like how “SHE” handled herself in this situation.. I can respect how “SHE” addresses the idea of what’s import to “HER”. I think I’m gonna ask HER to be with me. See how simple that was? Let us give women, the tools to at least arrive at the right decision when it comes to men, if in fact they can’t out and out pinpoint it from the door.

Ladies: You’re gonna lose any chance you have at happiness with a man if you over complicate your status with that man. What do that mean?
The pressure you women allow yourselves to be under, in the sole interest of all that makes YOU feel validated is, in all honesty, just a working example of who you are. And in that, you have to come to grips with some of the errors in your ways. And it’s not always the strict blueprint you want to forge a relationship with. It’s the same reason why women who leverage pussy for relationships end up with nothing in the end. Or pussy for dollars, end up looking silly with the lining beat out of the pussy after years of fuckin for dinner dates, Gucci frames and the right to say “I was with so & so lastnight..” just to look over and see the same due you were sitting in the same restaurant with last year. Except he’s with a new chick and you’re with another dude except the girl he’s with is a mirror image of you but 5 years younger. skins got the soul glow, shoe game is right, her hair’s got that “The sky’s the limit” bounce to it!” While you’re over there feeling good until you saw her.. Do you know what that feeling is that you felt right in that moment? It’s the feeling like you’re still doing the same thing.. NOTHING.. Or not enough..
That man sitting across you from you now, may have been a choice for you to work with and grow with. Just maybe, only the lord himself know’s the real answer. But by the time you leverage the pussy for paper in your left hand, and let you girls rock you to sleep about the wonderful guy they just met, coupled with the idea that because you’re so fly you should have options that some chick that you can’t even respect has in her relationship, cross-bread with the idea that by some pre-determined age, you’re supposed to have been (A) married (B) have a beautiful healthy child, (C) be with the man that you always wanted all in your right hand; She misses out on the journey of having those things given to her by the good graces of having done it right. Either because she ran around thinking that she was going to walk into a “ready-made” situation of love and happiness, or because she was too busy competing with a class of chicks, who aren’t any different than the dude’s they chase -fast money, fast life, fast cars hustler lifestyle. And that only ends in a few ways. Death, jail, smart enough to get out while they’re ahead or 60 years old, still dressing and acting like he’s in his 20’s & 30’s.
What’s crazy about that, is that no one ever asks about the women who are and were the proponents of all of that. Who is she? She cared too much about the wrong things too. But she didn’t go to jail and hopefully he didn’t get killed. But she most certainly died of a much different death.. A slow one. Watching herself age.. Watching herself fall off. All because she couldn’t see the forest from the trees.
Ladies, when a man says he’s diggin you, Ummm.. He’s talking about YOU! Because he’s got no intentions of you financially being the “daddy” of the house.. He doesn’t really think you’re gonna be the bread winner. Just at best, an equal participant in this thing we call “US”. When a woman says she’s diggin you, it could be a whole myriad of shit that came with that statement. And are all women gold diggers, absolutely not! BUT!! The some women of this world find, at minimum 3-4 “out of our control” ass things to seemingly hold our relationship with you hostage. First of all, If Barack Obama can find himself married, as the First Black President of The United States to a woman he used to “work for” what does that tell you about what their relationship is built on? A whole lot more than “My clock is ticking, I need to find a chair before the music stops..” “I’m gonna be 32 and I still don’t have a man.” “Look who this trick’s over here with..?” In the laughing and in the joking around, the much sadder reality is that had you not been so busy listening to homegirl, and worried about being the girl with all the accolades of a “FLY BITCH”, you more than likely are gonna end up chasing that pipe dream like a DBOY who’s never made it to a brick, ends up. At 45. And if you haven’t made it yet, you probably aint gonna. Especially since you weren’t smart enough to evolve your game,
What’s the hidden jewel in all of this? Start dealing with what really matters to you. Start concerning yourself with what’s really on the table. If what’s really on the table is, “I used to fuck 3 dudes that all went to the same barbershop, and all took me to Cancun, DR and Miami for Memorial day weekend.” Then the reality of that is, you’re perceived as being an a highly quality “JUMP”.. And the truth is, because of you they can all ay that you’re just like the first Panamera that came out. They can say they had you when you were hot. And they’ll reminisce over you just like a “THING”.. Something bough and worked until the money invested = good times had. You never took a second to wonder if he was the other guy in that same barbershop, could he have been 10yrs later, the dude who kiss the ground you walked on. If you lack the foresight to see the good in the eyes of the men around you only to be blinded by the ice in front of you, deafened by the bitches in your circle who’ll wanna be you, then the only one you have to blame is you.. Because those same dudes eventually found a square chick who gave them the business for being wasteful and short-sited.. And he looked in the mirror when she said “I’m leaving you if you don’t get your shit straight, and said to himself: “That bitch love’s me. Maybe I should do something different with this money.” “I gave her 2 racks to buy a bag, this chick comes home with a stackable washer dryer.. For my crib..” She’s the one who’s got her proverbial “HOUSE” in order.
The woman that looked at every dating opportunity as a chance to climb some imaginary ladder within the ranks of her girls, or race to have a baby before she was 32 loses to the woman who’s devout in doing what’s right.To the woman that wasn’t as fly as you but left more of an impact on ole boy. The woman he came to respect also cared about “NOT” having an “At Risk” pregnancy. She, too cared about if she’d ever find THE ONE”.. But she went about it differently. He learned about what was really important to him when she gave him the opportunity to weigh the two of you against each other and asked himself, “Which one of these makes me better? (because any man who love’s his woman, know’s that without her he’s a totally different person, because for without you mama, we’d be all over the place.)
So while you’re out there trying to live “basketball wives”, let me hip you to some game.. Eric Williams give’s two fucks about his ex wife Jennifer because she let every single thing besides “THEM”, matter to her. When we go to bed with you, we go to bed with you only. NOT he, you and what we’re wearing to the event “we’ll” be showcasing our relationship to the world at.. Not, he, you and “what our boys thought we should talk to you about tonight..” Men vary rarely have to be reminded of why we’re with you. That answer is always an easy one for us. For women sometimes that question becomes clouded with “HOW you feel the race is being won.” But who are you competing with? Because it damn sure aint us.

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#57 The quiet come up. She’s a winner.

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It’s like this.. You can go to any club, any get together, any venue where the act of “pulling chicks” is being exercised and the first think a guy does is scan the spot. What’s he looking for? the chicks that easily catch the eye. How many? one? Ok if that’s the case it took him probably 10mins to spot her and if that’s the case it’s a room full of hard legs and bad weaves. BUT. If you can see from the walkup that there’s gonna be a “plethora of hoes” than it’s going to be on of those events where you spend the first 15mins on your phone texting all of your boys:


So fast forward. Now you’re in the spot and you’ve eyeballed a few chicks you’ve settle into your spot and now your thinking about making some moves on the light skinned chick with the good Naturally wavy remy hair. standing at about 5’6″, Skin tone’s good, teeth are straight, ass is poppin, great eyes, dope smile. Shoe game’s tight and her bag game is pretty cool. OK we’ve got one in sight. Smart money is now going to start looking for a clean back up or something else that may top the first one you’ve already spotted. 5mins later, BOOM!!! there she is.. She’s about 5’7/5’8″, she’s green eyed monster. Teeth are as white as the Bathroom sink! She’s got a flat stomach (why do you know this? Because she’s got the low cut “duke’s” on), AND she’s got the supersexy sandal/foot game crackin, AND she’s about a 32c. AAANNND she’s got an ass you can see rubbin on that would make you feel real special if you saw that thang walking around the house “thong’d out
OK so now you went from one and a possible, to two and a possible (there’s always a third somewhere). So now what, it’s time to figure out a few things. Here’s where the game get’s real..
1. Do they know eachother?
2. Which one “appears” to be more approachable? (stuck up or cool)
3. Which one is doing the most posturing? (showing out being to cute)
4. Which one is with more girls? (the more girls, the less likely she is to fuck tonight)
5. Is she with a dude?
6. Does she seem “together”? (is she a potential bum bitch)
7. IS she what she seems to be? (chicks all sell glamor and style, until you go deeper, and they’re really just rocking a lot of bullshit accessories)
8. Does she FEEL like the right one to shoot at? (Do you really want her or do you just like looking at her)

Ok after all that, you decide that thick number one, the first one you saw is still the better pick, for right now… So you straight up your face, get closer, have the bartender/waitress end over a round of drinks. How many drinks? you should know how many drinks because you’ve been watching who she’s with!!! why are you watching who she’s with? read above. You order the drinks. You’re now in a live environment. The drinks get delivered, you get the right acknowledgement, she comes over and she thanks you for your generosity and introduces herself. Perfect.. You’ve successfully made it to step two. You kick it for a bit, feel it out and you release. Meaning you give some distance and let it marinate. She’s not really gonna work for the rest of the night, but she’s a great pick up for Sunday brunch or something. Maybe she’s not staying long enough to get it crackin the way you really need to and it’s cool, because there’s a great “other” option. you exchange math, you part on good vibe, you give it a cooling period of about 10-20mins (just in case you yourself are being watched, you can’t seem like a poon hound). We’ll discuss “poon hounds” later.
You’re sitting down texting your boys back because at least one said, “where are you? I’m on my way!” and a really really decent girl walks up to you. She’s 5’6″, shapely, a beige-ish/brown-ISH, straight teeth, clear skinned “BABY”. Doesn’t quite have the boombastic shape but guess what she’ll say. She’ll say “Hey there, I’m _________. I haven’t met you but I wanted to thank you for coming out to my event. I would love it if you got yourself a plate and a drink if you like. Everything is complimentary and it’s good to meet a fresh face. If you need anything at all feel free to come by and ask me. I just want everyone to comfortable and happy.” She spends the next 10mins finding out what you two have in common. You may find out she lives right where you do. All that to say you actually just blew your cool down time, but it’s ok, because she’s overall a dope chick.
So now it’s basically time to try your hand once again. Same game, new name. drinks go over… Waaaait for it. Waaaaaaaiiiiiiiittttttt for it.. Bang! Bartender points to you as if to say “that guy right there”. She acknowledges and give a “fair” signal that it’s ok to proceed. Not what you’d hope for but, it’s good enough. You’re in play. You’re trying to get a feel for personality, interests, who she know’s here etc. She’s overall a cool chick. She’s hearing you and responding to your jokes, staying engaged. She says something like, “I like your look. Nice sneakers. What size shoe do you wear?” Ladies and gentleman, she’s just tried you. You try her back. What do you mean “try her” you ask? You throw something out there like, “Really.. I only live ….. away, why don’t you come find out”. That’s a pivotal point in everything because how this gets responded to will determine the rest of the night for you two. And guess what your “ALL POINTS text has gotten back to a few of your boys and now they’re on the way. So you’re rolling now.
15minutes your boys get there and you give the scouting report. As you’re running them back through where you’ve been and what you’ve seen, you’re telling him about the scene and you describe the girl who just introduced herself to you and as you’re speaking on her. you say to yourself, that’s a really really dope chick. She just was a real class act. she’s super likable, she’s got a great look, she wasn’t the baddest chick in the spot but guess what, she’s gonna get the call that half of those super sexy chicks aren’t gonna get. She’s gonna get the call from the guy who just wants to have her at the pool to kick it and just vibe out with.
The moral of the story is: The best girl in the whole spot is the one who leave’s the best impression. There’s a ton of ways to do that. If Girl #2 and the host of the event could be crammed into one girl, she’d be wifey. You just don’t find girls with a totally transparent demeanor who genuinely makes you feel like they have a sense of caring. Usually chicks are so busy selling you the “No Sell” sell, that they missed out on the one thing that cost a woman nothing. A good attitude. Beats the bag, the shoes, the yakky straight weave, and even though you’re still gonna shoot your load at girl #2, because she’s giving back good vibe, but the host of that event is going to get the most thoughtful consideration. It’s that simple. she’s a real class act now she went from a 8 to a 9.3.. It’s just that simple.. she’s the quiet come up.

I maybe wrong,,, BUT I DOUBT IT!!!!

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Johnny Hatch of Mikst Nutz passes. Police investigating

The Boston Herald reports that Johnny Hatch of the Mikst Nutz has died of gunshot wounds. He was found in his Medford home along side his father on Feb 19 after reports of gunshots being heard. Both men were rushed to Lawrence Hospital for care where Johnny passed. His father has been taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where he is expected to recover from his injuries. Medford Police are currently investigating.

Hatch along with his crew Mikst Nutz became fixtures on the Boston Hip Hop scene in the 1990’s. Hatch along with partners Ripshop, Big Oh, Budha and DJ Kon were known for their aggressive and punchline heavy freestyles. Considered one of the best MC’s of his era, Hatch is remembered by friends and family for his great spirit and wit. Join us in sending condolences to Johnny’s family and friends. As more info becomes available we will update.

Mikst Nutz feat Mr Lif – Newbury Freestyle (Hatch goes first on this one)

Mikst Nutz – Assorted Flavas

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DJ Alcide – For The Ladies Part 1 (Mixtape)

This and some chocolates might help you out if you late in the Valentine’s Day game. Alcide has been doing his thing club wise for a minute. A late entry in the get some booty sweepstakes, the youngun gets loose with this one. Good to see him step into another arena.


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#58 Don’t start none, won’t be none.. Because “The BEAT” goes on

Ladies/Gentleman: Let’s just try to imagine that we think the same for one second. Let’s both imagine that for one second, she actually understands the concept of “Don’t start none won’t be none”..
Ladies, let’s keep it 100.. If you know we’re trying to beat and it’s made clear to you that we’re working on operation take down, if you’re not with it, then stay the hell out of the crib after 10pm!
You know what we’re getting around to, and you know a lot of time, effort and monetary resources goes into a quality “beat”…

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1. You’re drinking up good Pinot Grigio, the good, Rieslings showing teeth, being cute.
2. You’re smoking up the man’s high grade, blowing the man’s kush all through the house.
3. Eating up all the good Salmon filets & asparagus tips (And requested salmon on top of it all).
4. You’re over here with the “first date” wears. That make objects appear bigger like the rear view mirror” -Jay-Z
5. Had us “CSI’ing the crib, checking to make sure there’s no “Yakky straight” hairs in the carpet.
6. Had us up in the spot playing the good Amandi Music (shameless plug), Chris Breezy, Trey Songs, R. Kelly, & Musiq soulchild joints. Basically setting up the scene for a quality, meaningful “throwdown”.
7. Had us going to the corner store, picking up a pack of “Golden boys” (magnums) and the other “must have ingredient” (some of you know what we mean by that, shhhh…. )

And this is what we do, when we feel as though there is a 75% chance or higher that we’re gonna beat. Ladies, if you didn’t catch that, BEATING=Smashing=fucking=squash & bust=poke the ass=dick you down=work the middle=”Baby, where are my panties?”=He’s in the mirror doing the “beat it up right” dance because he just worked you out and you’re sleeping with drool running from the corner of your mouth, snoring…
Now fellas, I’m going to say this so that you never have to speak on it. That’s why we’re here.

Ladies: IF YOU COME OVER AFTER 10pm!!! Realize that if you’re here, SOMEONE else ISN’T. Therefore we’re taking a chance with our time and our resources (ie) the food, the paper, the liquor, the weed, the music, etc. All of this takes time to prepare.
And “NO”, we didn’t discuss it beforehand (that’s not always hot).
And “NO”, We shouldn’t always assume that we’re gonna beat.
And “NO”, we shouldn’t just expect to beat just because you’re here. AND it’s now after 11:30pm and dishes are dirty, and we’re posted on the couch, meat on swole, typsy, playing finger in your hair games, and tonguing down, and licking lips, with good convos, and eyes are sparkling, etc.
But ladies, can we ask you something? What the fuck did you think we were trying to do??! Why do you think he was playing all these good tunes, cooking up all of this good food?! Letting you roll your little joints with his $450 per ounce weed. Drinking out of the “She must be fucking bottle” because those are the only women who can drink this wine! And above and beyond it all,,,, Had us “NOT” calling who we could be fuckin’ on the off chance that “NEW” pussy always beats “stock pussy”. This is true.
But sure pussy beats chance pussy.
With that said ladies, if you want to be absolutely sure that you have lost points and wasted resources in his eyes. If you want to be beyond the shadow of a doubt crystal clear on why you don’t get that call again for at least 30-60days.. If you want to know the 1Million dollar answer to where he went, here it is.. Back to the sure thing. Because you fuckin play too much. Not for nothing, it’s no wonder why the “hoes” laugh at bitches while rolling off into the sunset in Valet. Because you can’t beat some good old fashion ackrite. Nothing’s set in stone, but unless you don’t like the dude, have presence of mind to know when you’re supposed to be giving up the beats.
Because truth be told, it’s not that we expected you to give it up off rip. And to be honest, the way we see it is, if you’re not ready to come in close quarters yet, then you’re probably not ready for the beat anyway.. But when you see a good show, you applaud.. When you hear a good a joke you laugh.. WHEN YOU SEE A GOOD LAYOUT, place your ass in it..! There’s a lot of time in effort that went into making this special for everyone. Including you, mama. I man, if he had presence of mind to want to impress you and make you feel special then clearly he’s into you enough to overtly show you what you’re worth (in theory). So let’s all get with the program.. You, go in that bathroom.. You text your girlfriend and tell her “…it’s going down like a planecrash…” and then get in the tub and rinse the working areas. Even Eddie Murphy knew he had to give it up in Boomerang to Lady Eloise.. There’s no better sign that he might get to beat like the sound of water running in the tub. That usually means to us that she’s decided to “get with this pimpin” and “Do the Right Thing” like Spike Lee. That usually means that she probably wasn’t at first if the box wasn’t already ready. But she’s getting it ready and that’s all that really matters..
All that said, ladies in the words of “Fillmore Slim” Be good to the game & the game will be good to you…” And if you can’t get that part down, then don’t call us for AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile Rescue when you’ve already proven you know how waste good resources. You’ve been put on inactive reserve until further notice. Best believe next cash outlay won’t be for you. And best believe you will be doing the calling for a little bit.

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Amandi Music – Sippin’ On You (Music Video)

The latest visual from Amandi’s 23:00 (The Prelude). One of the favorites from the project, “Sippin’ On You” is a smooth mid tempo R&B joint made for the dance floor. Directed by Joe Politics.


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Will Smith & Jay-Z form an Alliance in Broadway/Film & TV.. -That’s PLAYER!

LOS ANGELES—Will Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, plans to partner with rapper and music business impresario Jay-Z with a new film venture, it was announced on January 26. One of their first projects will be a musical adaptation of Annie. The updated remake of the 1982 film will star Smith’s ten-year-old daughter Willow, reports TheWrap.The 1982 film, based on the comic Little Orphan Annie, follows a young girl in search of her real family. The original film starred Albert Finney, Carol Burnett and Tim Curry, and featured the classic song “Tomorrow,” as well as “Hard Knock Life,” a song Jay-Z has sampled. According to the Overbrook announcement, the deal emerged from a dinner meeting with Will Smith and his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, with rapper Jay-Z, aka Shawn Carter and producer James Lassiter. “The time is right to bring back ‘Annie’ to the big screen,” said Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures/Sony, Overbrook’s home base, about this “dream project.” Overbrook Entertainment produced The Karate Kid starring the Smiths’ son Jaden. Jay-Z and the Smiths also co-produced the Broadway musical production Fela!, which earned 11 Tony Award nominations in 2010. Also in discussion is a film adaptation of Fela!, directed by Kennedy Center honoree and choreographer Bill T. Jones, about the Nigerian Afrobeat musician and political activist Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Jay-Z added to the statement, “We’ve already produced a Tony Award winning play and we’re developing a true superstar in Willow.” Last year, Willow Smith enjoyed her first multi-platinum hit single, “Whip My Hair,” for Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation.
IN short, you have got to love the effort being shown by both parties to allow great things to happen in a world where African-American’s have been charged with multiple counts of self hate. Here are two forward thinking men who’ve come together and made a powerful statement.. “We too can do it big.” This doesn’t surprise me, especially after I witnessed Jay-Z lose the Nas battle in NYC and in lieu of that, was the main proprietor in getting Nas’ label situated at Def Jam during his tenure. @MBKS we hope to promote this behavior. It’s the way to be. You may have heard us mention “Nigga 2.0”. These guys are definitely not “Nigga version 1.0’s” -Version 1.0’s couldn’t even begin to understand why this is a great move for all parties involved. They’d have just tried to out think themselves into “nowhere-ville”.. Pay attention..

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Vvbz Kartel explains his new Sammy Sosa look

All hell kinda broke loose when pictures of dancehall artist Vybz Kartel surfaced recently. Instead of his usual dark complexion, he was sporting a new lighter look. Definitely not the first time this has been seen. The result of skin lightening treatments, Kartel’s new look sparked a great deal of debate about self image in the Black community. World wide, particularly in Africa and the West Indies, lightening products are used to achieve a lighter skin for darker skinned people. Cipha Sounds pulled a couple strings and got Vybz to speak to why he is sporting the Sammy Sosa.


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